shadowcat410 (shadowcat410) wrote in woodyallen,

"Whatever Works" finally out on DVD! :)

I missed this in the theaters and when I heard of the mixed reviews it decreased my desire to see it.  What a fool am I!  I cannot believe I doubted my favorite writer/director.  I simply adored the film.  It's pure Woody in his classic cynical views of the world, the very reason I fell in love with him.  Yet underneath all of his misanthropic tendencies, he still makes me laugh loudly in wild agreement because he is a man of my own heart.  Sure, to the casual observer, those unfamiliar with Woody's style, it may seem self-indulgent, but he's the writer and it's HIS FILM.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  I think Woody found a winner w/ Larry David.  I'm definitely adding this DVD to my WA collection.

Mr. Allen, you ARE a genius! ;)
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