shadowcat410 (shadowcat410) wrote in woodyallen,

*tap tap* this thing on??

Hey everyone!  Just thought I'd open up a discussion.

Is anyone excited to see Cassandra's Dream in January?  Anyone caught an advanced screening?
I haven't even watched the trailer yet and I don't think I will. I know the premise, though.  I was a tad disappointed with Woody's last drama/thriller (Match Point), so I was wondering what your thoughts were.  And I'm a big Ewan Mc G fan, but not so much Colin Farrel.

I was discussing w/ a movie buff friend how sad it is when a directors last film haunts them after their death.  I don't want Woody's last film to be a flop.  He means too much to me.  I hate when a person's last work trumps their genius catalog of work their entire career.  That is not fair for the public to do, and Woody Allen deserves more.  Sorry for speaking of death, but it has crossed my mind. =/

(Even though it seems his relationship w/ Soon-Yi has trumped all of his work for the mass public)  grr

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